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Baking Classes for Kids

Ages 6-12

I developed a love for baking when I was 9 years old and ever since then, its been my passion. When I first started getting into baking I went to a few baking classes but none of them were right for me. They would teach such basic stuff to me and I never learned anything new, so I had to figure it out on my own which came with a lot of trial and error. I have learned lots of tips and tricks that I want to teach young kids so they can learn and grow as a baker. 

Each class is dedicated to only your child so they can get 100% of my attention. Parents can choose to stay and watch their child, or they can pick them up when we are done. Please make sure to pack some snacks and water for your child. No food will be provided. One of my parents will always be home when I am teaching classes. Your child has the choice to make one of the following during class:

- Cupcakes (aprox 2 hours)

- 6 inch cake (aprox 3-4 hours) 

- Macarons (aprox 3 hours)

- Fruit tart (aprox 3.5 hours)

Your child will take the dessert they make home. Keep in mind that macarons and fruit tarts do tend to take a bit longer since we have to let it rest for 3o mins- 1 hour. During the break, your child may eat their snacks and watch tv. Payment is $25 per hour, per kid (including break). Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to book a baking class. 

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